rum log smallPirate Church is what happens when a seminary drop-out and a cynical priest decide to create an evening of comedy about religion. And pirates.

Comedy about religion is pretty common. Just about every comic has their material about the bizarre things that religious freaks get up to. But Pirate Church isn’t about pulling the piss out of religion for cheap laughs. Well, maybe there will be some cheap laughs. But Pirate Church is a loving satire about the wacky world of religion, and Christianity in particular. The catch is that’s it being done by two people who are themselves believers. Admittedly, not very good ones.

Pirate Church has appeared at FringeWorld Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the National Christian Youth Convention. In 2016 they make their debut appearance at Beyond Festival in Canberra.

The pair have teamed up to create a unique piece of entertainment. It’s an enigma, wrapped in mystery and hoisted up the mast like the jolly roger.

So what’s with the pirates?

Well, it seems that faith has become a game for landlubbers. People who don’t understand the terror and glory of The Deep. People who’ve forgotten a Captain who was wild and untameable and feared no one. Folks who don’t search for buried treasure.

Pirate Church is for mischief-makers and free-spirits. It’s for those who long to dance a jig at twilight in the salty air. It’s for those who love a good fight, a good yarn, and a good bottle o’ rum.